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The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others”. That quote, by the legendary coach of the Miami Dolphins Don Shula, came to my mind when I heard Patrick Mahomes admit his mistakes in front of the media after the defeat of his Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. 

All the attention of the media was focused, as it usually is, on the quarterbacks of both teams. «Tom Brady wins his seventh Super Bowl ring». «Mahones loses to Brady in a game that was meant to be a passing of the torch». You could read this headlines about the game the day after it was played. 

However, even though Mahomes, as Shula taught, did not put the blame on the offensive line’s job in the game, it reminded us all of the importance of a good offensive line. 

Many fans and journalists believe that if Eric Fisher would have played the result would have been different. We know that the offensive line is vital for the QB’s and Team’s success. Their job is dark and unknown, far away from public recognition, we usually think of them when they make mistakes or they are absent. 

Our featured player today spent a decade in Miami protecting a legend. Shula picked him in the first round of the 1990 draft so that Marino «only could blame himself» for his mistakes. He definitely did his job. From day one he shined as the left tackle of the Dolphins and he earned the respect of the rest of the players and the fans. 

Ten years working non stop to protect legendary number 13’s blind side. He earned many awards and recognitions along the way. Rookie of the year, 7 times Pro-Bowler, 2 times First Team All-Pro and he was included in the All-Decade NFL Team of the 1990s. Amazing feats. 

We are talking about Richmond Webb, whose work in that offensive line helped Marino play many great games. It is an honor for Spanish Bowl to interview a legend of the Miami Dolphins, somebody that Shula would definitely define as «a superior man«.




First of all, Richmond, from SpanishBowl we wanted to say we appreciate your kindness and availability for this interview. We are honored to talk to an amazing former player, legend from the Miami Dolphins and an icon of the sport. We hope your words and experience help grow the interest in football in Spain. 

At a personal level, as a Dolphins fan myself, I wanted to show you my gratitude for the opportunity of learning first-hand your story and sharing it with fans in Spain. Thank you very much, Richmond.


You attended Texas A&M. What are some of your memories of playing as an Aggie? 

I have fond memories.Texas A&M has many traditions. The 12th Man, The Corps of Cadets and the crowd noise in Kyle Field during football games. It was an awesome experience.


How would you describe the amazing atmosphere of game days at Kyle Field Stadium, Home of the 12th Men? 

It was a great atmosphere. Nothing compares to playing a home game at Texas A&M. The student body stands the entire game. It’s one of the loudest places to play in College Football.


Draft day is a very important moment for all football players. You were a very promising left tackle. How do you remember all the process previous to being selected in the draft in 1990?

I was in Dallas with my family at my parent’s home. We watched the draft and there were a couple of local television stations. I got phone calls from several teams before the draft. It was a waiting game after that.


Do you remember how the phone call from the Dolphins and Don Shula was when they let you know they were selecting you with the ninth pick in the draft? 

Yes. I got a call from Coach Shula. He asked to speak to me and then he said : “ Are you ready to be a Dolphin?”. It was one of the happiest days of my life.


Taking care of his quarterback /


So Don Shula’s Miami Dolphins picked you to protect Dan Marino’s blindside. How can a rookie deal with such pressure? 

Dan Marino was a legend when I got to Miami. I just worked hard because I didn’t want to be remembered as the guy who got him hurt.


May 4th 2020 was the day Don Shula passed away. Do you remember how you found out and your feelings at that moment? 

I heard about it on the news. I also got a call from the Dolphins organization. Truly sad because of Covid-19 we couldn’t attend the service to pay our respects. That’s what I remember.


How do you think Shula should be remembered? What piece of advice or teaching from him left a bigger mark on your career or personal life? 

Coach Shula will be remembered as one of the greatest coaches in the NFL. He will be remembered as a philanthropist and a great businessman. 


You shared a locker room with Dan Marino for a decade. How is the relationship between a quarterback and his left tackle?. Could you share any stories from those days? 

We had a great relationship. We had a great group of guys. Dan was a leader. I watched him and how he conducted himself on and off the field. I used what I learned from him on how to be a professional. 


Who was your best friend/friends in that locker room? 

I have several good friends that I played with.


Your games against Bruce Smith, the ferocious defensive end from the Buffalo Bills, were legendary. Is he the best player you played against? 

Yes sir. Bruce Smith is the toughest guy I had to play against.


Playing against Bruce Smith /



After being named AFC rookie of the year, being 7 times a Pro Bowler, 2 times All-Pro and being selected for the 1990s NFL All-Decade Team, was getting a ring the only goal you couldn’t achieve? 

Yes, I never got an opportunity to play in the Superbowl. I wish I could have had that opportunity. 


Many Dolphins and NFL fans think that you deserve to get that Gold Jacket. What is your opinion on this matter? 

I definitely think I have a shot at getting a Gold Jacket. It just takes time. They can’t out everyone in at the same time.


Do you think Zach Thomas will be a Hall of famer? 

Yes sir. I definitely believe Zach Thomas is a Hall of Famer.


On December 25th 2006 the Dolphins made you part of their Honor Roll. What did this mean to you? 

It’s truly an honor to be inducted into the Ring of Honor. To be considered one of the best to put on a Dolphins uniform is one of the highest honor you can receive.


What do you miss the most about your playing days? 

The thing I missed most is being in the locker room and being around my teammates.


What does Richmond Webb do today, now that he is away from the bright lights of the football field? 

I’m retired. I spend time with my family. I interact with friends on social media. I have a podcast on Twitter with two friends. It’s called Phinside the NFL. Check us out.


What do you think of the job Brian Flores has done since he arrived in Miami? What is your opinion about Tua and the future of the team?

Coach Flores has done an excellent job. We’re headed in the right direction. I like Tua. He’s our quarterback. I like the direction we’re headed. Seems like the old days again.


Richmond Webb nowadays /



Thank you very much Richmond! It’s been a pleasure talking to you

Awesome player, “Superior man”, Dolphin legend

Fins Up!


Hugo Manero 




Richmond Webb Richmond Webb Richmond Webb Richmond Webb Richmond Webb 

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